Find product-market fit without the guesswork

A workshop for product managers who want to take the risk out of launching new products and features.

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A hands-on workshop showing you how to...

Build products your customers love

Your customers want a product that helps them achieve their goals. The PM's role is to understand and prioritise the customer's most important needs.

I'll show you how to prepare for customer interviews, how to ask the right questions, and how to use the results to prioritize backlogs that lead to delighted users.

Get your stakeholders on the same page 

Product teams need time and space to plan releases with minimal interruption. Experienced PMs use customer insights to focus their teams and stakeholders around a singular outcome.

I'll show you how to create concise value proposition statements that your team and stakeholders will rally around, that speed up your rate of learning.

Experiment to find product-market fit

Finding fit should be an iterative process. But many product teams make risky bets that result in features no-one uses.

I'll show you how to find fit by defining hypotheses, building prototypes and testing new ideas before you start to build. 

“After taking part in Launch, I know I’m putting out features that actually matter, I’m confident I’m not wasting developer time. My team trusts me to make the right calls.”

Aimen Rafique-Marsh, Product Manager
Mirror Identity, London

Nick’s a Hands-on Tech Founder and CPO

Nick Black

Between 2007 and 2020 I took my startup, CloudMade, from 2 to 150 people. We launched products with the world's biggest enterprises and ran customer research on 4 continents.

As I grew my product team from zero to twenty product managers, designers, and researchers, I always wished I had the time to step back and give them the training they deserved.

Launch is the playbook I wished I had when I was trying to understand my customer and launch my product.

Launch is the culmination of my 15 years experience as a CPO and covers... 

Part 1: Discovering Value

Learn how to use jobs-to-be-done the right way and discover the features customers really need.

Discover which questions to ask in user interviews to understand your customer's desired outcomes.

You’ll leave ready to interview your customers and define your value propositions.

Part 2: Finding Fit

Learn how to turn customer feedback into testable hypotheses.

Master proven testing techniques used by B2C, B2B SaaS and enterprise businesses to validate ideas.

You’ll leave ready to run fast, low-cost tests to validate your ideas before you start to build.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of companies attend these workshops? 



Launch is designed for startup teams, usually from companies with 25 to 250 employees. It is usually attended by product managers, designers, founders, CTOs and tech leads. 



How long are the workshops?

Each workshop lasts 3 hours, including a quick break. To get the most of the program, it's best to dedicate a half-day with your team between part 1 and part 1.



How much does the workshop cost?

Part 1 and 2 cost £1500 per company when purchased together and £850 each when purchased seperately. You can bring as many people from each company to the sessions - there is no limit.



How many people from each company can attend?

There is no limit to the number of attendees from each company. We recommend that at least two people from each company join to get the most out of the brainstorm sessions.



Is it worth it?

I truly believe that it is. I designed this course based on my own experience growing startups and perfected it based on my work with around 30 companies in the last 12 months. 

Most startups have a monthly burn rate that exceeds £30,000 a month. At this rate, £1500 equates to one day’s burn. 

For an angel-backed startup with £150,000 in the bank, £1500 is 1% of capital raised. For this modest amount (<1 day runway or <1% of capital raised) you will greatly increase your ability to understand your customer, create a product that is truly needed, and you’ll save an unlimited amount of future capital by validating customer need for features before you commit expensive and irreversible engineering resources to build. 



Will I get one on one time with Nick during the sessions?

Of course, I love spending time with startups during the breakout sessions! There are a maximum of 5 companies in each session, so that each company gets time with me.



Couldn’t I get the same learning from reading a book, like Marty Cagan or the Lean Startup?

You can read about things like OKRs, value prop canvases, jobs-to-be-done and lean methodologies in books and online. Launch brings 15 years of experience as a founder and operator - I have read the books, tried out the ideas, failed and succeeded. I’ve coached my team members, I’ve reported stats to boards, I’ve raised investment. This course brings the very best of everything I have learned the hard way.



Is this virtual or in-person?

Today, Launch is run online. We’d love to bring the Launch experience into the real-world as soon as possible.


Ready to take the guesswork out of launching?



Yes, it absolutely is. I started to design this course whilst CPO at CloudMade, a company selling to car makers (massive, slow moving, complex enterprises). The principles and the practical examples are all applicable to enterprise, as well as the B2C and B2B SaaS

Is this course suitable for products targeted at enterprise customers?

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